Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

No photo tonight - a different image.

I went to a wake without a coffin this evening.

There had been a death and it was a funeral just the same.
We did the things that we always do at funerals.
We met old friends, some with more grey or more pounds, others hardly changed at all.
We caught up, exchanged e-mail addresses, looked at kid photos.

There were lots of people, mostly car people, at least 250

..... and we all remembered Joe.

I can't claim that we were close. We once had been, and I wish
we'd kept up.
Our paths kept crossing though and it was easy to finish a sentence
that had been started ten years before.

He was into cars, sports cars, and had led a very active life.
We each had a "Joe Story," each different, each funny.
He was that kind of person.

One concerned trying to outrun an officer.
Losing it in a turn.
Skidding, hitting a tree, walking away, turning and watching his car go up in flames.
The officer walked over beside him and watched as well.
Joe turned to him and said, " I don't suppose you give warnings...."

He was that kind of guy.

There was a love in his life.
The idea was a business trip to SF and then a short
trip into Ca wine country, a fun getaway.

But someone had another idea.

Joe had been in college during Nam and was excused.
By the time he finished, it was over, he didn't have to go.
He was always a little embarrassed about it, there was a vague, quiet guilt.
Mostly he didn't talk about it at all.

They got on a plane in Newark on Tuesday morning.
It came down is Pa,
We think it likely that he could have been one of the ones that said NO !!!
Perhaps God had kept a warrior in reserve.

He was that kind of guy.

We will all miss him.

Let there be peace on earth..........

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