Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

About that "more or less well" part in my last post.

It turns out it's less. Picked up some kind of a bug over the weekend. The symptoms were inconvenient enough that I went to my doctor today.
Temp up a little, red cell count high, white count higher still.
She didn't put a name to it - just called it a "non-specific" infection and put me on two weeks worth of a heavy duty antibiotic.

I've taken this med in the past - I don't like it. Has to be taken at certain times, with water only. Can't have it after eating, Produces mild nausea, produces mild depression.
But it does the job.
The only thing worse is what happens if I don't take it.

Bahhhhhh !!!!!

End of rant/whine.

On second thought - not quite.

It also means NO BEER for two weeks......

[I can do that on my own if it's voluntary. But it's ten times harder when they tell you that you can't.]
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