Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

She's in today......,

Those of you that have been here a bit know that I work on the banks of the Hudson and that I have a special affinity for the QE-II. I smiled as I parked this morning and saw that she'd berthed on the morning's tide for the first time this year. As usual, she'll be gone quickly - she departs at 4:45 for an 11 day cruise. There'll be several more cruises and then she will go to her summer schedule of transatlantic crossings. When the year is over it will be mostly over for her as well. This is her last full season in such service.

Her successor, now named the Queen Mary-II is nearing completion. Her maiden voyage will be early next year. Both Queens will be here for a passing of the guard on next April 25th but after that the QM-II will do transatlantic and the QE-II will do cruises from Southampton only.

An era is ending and another beginning - I'll still have one to see and admire, but it won't be quite the same. The QE-II and I have sort of aged together and there's a bit of comfort having a long time companion about. I'll miss her



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