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She's gone again, as good ships do......,

I was able to stop for a moment and watch her sail.

I grabbed my emergency camera from my bag, went through the doors and to the end of the pier across the street. I watched as the pilot boat pulled out - forward, to port; so small as to seem in danger of being run over by her massive charge. Two tugs released her and took position, just astern, one to each side. The entourage gathered speed, then, three short notes from the pilot, barely audible from where I stood, followed by her three deep long notes - each distinct and each followed by a rolling echo from the skyscraper walls to her sides. "You're on your own, just follow me out."

The ferries, always in a hurry, scurried around her, they're quicker. As with any proper lady, she kept to her own way and at a proper pace. I could see her age as she passed, she's well kept, but the signs are there. There're a few similar on me as well. I watched till she was off the Battery before turning to a less windy spot.
I think I got several good shots with an inexpensive camera on an overcast day. The film had been rewound before I left the pier and dropped for processing a minute later. We shall see, and hope a bit.
Not all of Spring is about flowers and plants, other things have beauty as well.
.... and much of that beauty is in the reminder of the renewal of a season.

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