Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Note from my trip to work today.....,

As many of you know, I work in Hudson County, NJ opposite mid-town NYC, one of the most densly populated/built up areas to be found anywhere in the US. It also happens to be on the banks of the Hudson.

It's been a heavy week for a couple of reasons and I had an early morning staff meeting. I needed to be in an hour earlier then normal, was only half awake, and definitely not thrilled about my trip. As I was crossing a bridge near my building, I happened to glance down at a grass strip along the river bank. A mated pair of geese were grazing in the morning sunshine, as geese often do. So were their four newly hatched goslings, all fluffy and yellow/tan.

Somehow it seemed to put everything back into perspective. Things are as they ought to be after all.

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