Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Update on washing machine status....,

The first load completed successfully.
It was the damp moldering load that had been in there two days ago when the thing broke.
[No washing machine ever stopped working without being full of soaking wet clothes that hadn't gone through the first rinse or spin.]
Nothing leaked.
The bleach dispenser cup is missing - it probably fell out while I had it on it's side. My luck it's probably underneath the machine.
I'll look for it later.
The second load is underway and the first in the dryer.
It's amazing how quickly towels pile up in a household of four.

It's time for a cup of coffee and then on to the next project.

EDIT As expected, the bleach dispenser cup did turn up. It had managed to find it's way under a pile of whites waiting to be washed.

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