Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Well, THAT was not fun.....,

I just got back on after being off line for about twenty four hours. Last week an e-mail virus got through my domain's filters and made it to my machine before it got zapped. It reminded me that it was time to update my anti-virus software. The package that I use also includes a firewall.

This particular product likes to do a clean install rather then an upgrade. I un-installed the old product but for some reason one file was missed. The result was that the new firewall installed but did not complete. It came up in default status - blocking all access to the net - but could not be reconfigured.

The solution was frankly a royal pain. The entire package had to be uninstalled. To make sure I used both Window's uninstaller and then a commercial product. [... and it did find things that Windows had missed.] Neither program properly cleaned the Registry, so it was necessary to use regedit and do a line by line search, deleting all references to the prior installation.

After all of this, the machine was still in a locked down status. At this point I reinstalled everything and this time it "took" and allowed me to configure.

I know that by their nature. virus scans and firewalls must operate "deep" but I really wish that this one had been a bit more user friendly. [I will omit the product name to protect the guilty.]

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