Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

OK, It's Five Card Stud and There's Nothing Wild.....,

Well, not quite, but I did agree to the five question interview game and these are the questions to me from eleanor.

1. Here in New York City, the less sensitive of us have been known to make fun of New Jersey. For the record and for the enlightenment of myself, God and everyone on the Internet, please tell me what you think are the best things about New Jersey.`

1. For starters, we don't have to travel through NYC to get to any other part of the world. We are also better drivers - we have to be because "on ramps" were not invented here. More seriously though I'd say it's the extreme diversity that's present at an affordable price in both money and time. I can find anything that I might ever want - including NYC - within easy reach. Plus of course everyone knows that the absolute best pizza in the country comes from almost any even ordinary shop in NJ.

2. How long have you been doing photography and how did you get interested in it?

2. My father had a semi serious camera and I had access to it. I was using a 4x5 Graphic in high school. It went on from there so the answer would be "over 40 years." I'm not the only one in the family. Among my siblings one is a painter married to a commercial photographer. Another is a senior film editor, and a third does advertising layout and has a collection of over 100,000 slides done in the past 25 years.
... and, she's married to a senior computer gaming art director.

3. If you could change one thing (just one) about your past, what would it be? And what sort of domino effect do you suppose it would have?

3. While very young and naive I turned down her invitation to...... Umm maybe that one should remain untold. More seriously - I did not finish college when I first started as a Physics major. I enjoy what I do now in Finance but my first love is still there. I wanted to work on the problem of Fusion - the only way that we can support more then 8 billion on this planet is with a better basic energy supply. Would I have made it? No one has yet. But I'm the one less that should have been working on it.

4. You have a night off, no family, no obligations, total freedom. What do you do with the time?

4. If the question is theory then the answer would be to acquire knowledge in some manner - solving or understanding a problem of some sort. If the question is reality the answer is that I'm a homeowner and the question can only be theory. It does not occur IRL.

5. Could you tell me (again) how to teach a dog to shake itself off before coming in to the house?

5. Try standing between it and the door. This works especially well if you are wearing light colored clothing that can only be dry cleaned. Otherwise I'd say that of late I've been running at least one load of " towels only" every second day.

Now, the way this continues is that if you want me to ask you five questions, please note it in a comment.

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