Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Things That Bring on a Smile.....,

It was top down weather for the MG and I got home fairly early. Mike asked if he could drive it [the first time for him] but wanted me along. We stopped at a friends home and looked at the nearly identical MG that his friend's mother owns. [ Same color, four years newer, single owner, much much better shape.]

The cell rang and "D" said, "bring food," so we headed for the highway.

I opted to go inside and while waiting I was very careful not to pay a whole lot of attention to the two girls in blue tops with cleavage and white short shorts that were standing next to me in line. Really I was. You do believe me. Right?

Our orders came and we both left at about the same time. Mike was in the drivers seat and I was still buckling in as they drove past. There was a loud Higggghhhhhh and they both leaned out the window and waved. It's nice to know that girls still pay attention.

.... or, do you think it could have been Mike they were waving at???

He sure liked driving that car.

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