Dave (courier_iii) wrote,


I got home before dark and of course the top was down on the "B". I've been after "D" to take a ride for over a week and finally dragged her into it. At first it was, "It's such a low car." Then once she figured out how to get seated it was, "It's comfortable and there's a surprising amount of leg room." Once under way it was, "Gee you can see a lot and smell everything and look at the fireflies."

By the time we got back the verdict was that she wouldn't want to commute in it [heavy traffic toward the city] but that it would be fun for a weekend trip and that, "Maybe we should change the vacation rental from an SUV to a convertible....".

At least she doesn't drive stick. As it is there's already a timeshare with Mike. I can see that as soon as I'm done detailing this one there's going to have to be a push on one of the other two. I suspect I'll have less argument about spending household budget money on it though.
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