Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Caution, Will Rodgers, Caution. - Rant Ahead.....,.

You are warned - motorhead geekdom.

I've spent most of the day under the hood of the "B" today. [Actually I unbolted the hood - a bit more work but it makes it much easier to work.]

Again !!!

It wasn't in the original plans, but when the brake master cylinder goes, you fix it or park it.
It was hot, It was sticky, There were lots of mosquitoes.
A repair kit was $20.. A replacement was $160. I bought the kit......
Everything is tight and awkward to get at. I was not in a good mood by the time I got the thing out. I created a clean clear spot on the bench and began to take it apart.
Figuring out the two retaining clips was a bit of a challenge but I got them clear. The next step was to pull the piston with it's nylon bushing from the bore.
The book said just slide it out..... It wouldn't ! I pushed and pulled and tried several other things for over forty five minutes and still couldn't get it apart. Finally I just said %$&^$%&^%$ enough! and picked up the phone.
"Do you have one?"
I was there in seven minutes....

Now totally annoyed I brought it back home and proceeded to instal it. It was the right part and bolted in OK but nothing else lined up on the first attempt, or the second. Two small bolts in particular took thirty minutes.
On my back.
Under the dash.
With a bare sheet metal edge against the back of my wrist as I was trying to tighten three clicks at a time.

OK - that part finally got finished. The rest was straight forward - from the top and with easy access. I connected the pipe to the side of the cylinder........

And crossed the damned thread !

Some things were just not meant to happen on some days.
And, I am sittig here with a tap and a die and a jewlers file using a large lighted magnifying glass as I chase out the thread.

Good Night All.

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