Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Critter Update.....,

With the weather and water having warmed, the pond fish have become extremely active. They hide near the bottom or under the bridge in the direct heat of the day, but are quite happy to be fed both morning and late afternoon. Nearly always they will hit the food within ten seconds.

Several of the large frogs were lost to ice and age over the winter. Ten tadpoles were added in the spring and we've seen as many as four at a time that made it to froghood.
Our wet spring gave us a lot of mosquitoes in the yard but I can be quite sure that there are none in that pond.

..... and, with sunshine, flowers are blooming again. Three times now there's been a hummingbird spotted among the red and the purple ones. That's always been rare, so we're quite pleased with that as well.

Nature can be very filled with good things.

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