Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Duck Update.....,

They are still without official names, but they certainly have distinct personalties.
We've been keeping them caged except when we are there to watch over them.
When out, they immediately head for the pond - ponds are verrrrry good duck things.

However, cages are not. We've gotten a lot smarter about how to get them back in. They've gotten a lot smarter about how to stay out. Tonight it took three of us about fifteen minutes to do the round up. I wish there had been a fourth set of hands available - with a cam corder. So far I would call it a draw.

[The cage is not only to contain them, it is also there to protect them. We've Fox, Coyote, Cats, and Raccoons that pass through the property and I know they would enjoy a duck dinner.]

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