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The Joys and Sorrows and Points in Between.....

Many of you know that I've been driving a rather old but sometimes fun MGB. Unfortunately we've just gone through the 8th coldest ever January here in the Garden State with twenty days of temps staying below freezing. Frankly the "B" isn't a practical idea under the circumstances. With that thought in mind, I've added a used Jeep to the collection.

It's a pretty red and chrome Wrangler with silver trim. There's no rust anywhere, it has both a hard and soft top, and several interesting additions have been made. But it's used. It runs well, but had cold start problems, and the price reflected it's condition. My seller had bought it from someone else about six months ago with the idea of doing a project. [He's started a differnt one instead, his wife's due in about six months.] For the most part it's been in storage.

Today I went under the hood.
In the driveway without a garage -
In sub freezing temps.

When you do one of these you have to be methodical. You pick a starting point and then bring everything back to "book" specs. I cleaned. I puzzled. I went on line for additional information and found it. I ended up changing the carbuerator, all of the filters, and correcting the routing on a couple of the vaccuum lines. I can understand why it had problems. Day changed to dusk and then to dark. I set up lights and kept working. I was being stubborn about it. Finally around nine I buttoned everything up, got in the drivers seat and turned the key for the proof of the pudding.......

Nothing !

The temps, plus sitting, plus the underhood light had drained the battery too low. I got out the charger and set it up for the night. "Proof" will have to wait for morning.

....and then I came in from the cold.

Some days are just like that.

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