Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Box Score - pt 1.....,

Sometimes things actually do go right.
I had a lot of bills that had to be paid this month and my wallet was so empty that I was contemplating putting plastic into a machine and taking an advance till payday. This morning just before I left the house I checked last night's Mega Millions lottery draw. One of my tickets was good for $152. Not only that, but if I has selected 17 instead of 16, it would have been good for $5,000.
I cashed it - promptly.
I can't say that it's a lot, but it will get me through till that next check comes in.
I play regularly, but less then $10/week. This is the most that I've won at one time in several years.
I'm sure that I'm still behind on a lifetime basis, but I'm less behind then I was, and definitely smiling.

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