Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Box Score - pt 2 .....,

I spent the day in that house that was my home. Many of my possesions are still there and they must all be removed before the place can be sold. After a couple of false starts, I finally settled on a plan. Everything came into one room and is being sorted and boxed from there. Books are now about 95% complete. There's fourteen boxes of them sealed and by the door, waiting to go to the storage locker. The next category is hardware and sundries - nails, screws, bolts, and similar. Most of that has been found and sorted. When packed it will be three or four smallish but rather heavy boxes. Much of the paint, stains, and finishes will be discarded - they don't really keep well. There will still be several boxes of them though. Then there are hand tools and power tools, and electric supplies, and plumbing supplies and raw stocks of lumber. Computer parts and spares need to be addressed - three printers, several monitors, many boards... At least 50% of that will probably be scrapped as obsolete. Finally there's automotive supplies - lots and lots of them - Three cars to go into storage, several spare transmissions and other major components, lots of smaller parts - the list goes on..

It's an interesting process.
It's one that I hope to never have to address in this way again.
It's what remains of my life's work for the last twenty years, measured in cubic feet and cardboard boxes.
Yes, we can be posessed by our posessions, but I don't see that as fully bad either.
There's comfort in a home.
There's none in a key to a locker on a chain in my pocket.

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