Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Alive and Well and Living in Suburbia.....,

This was the first weekend that I was not directly involved in moving from my former home.
That didn't mean that there wern't things that had to be done, but rather that I could start in on creating a bit of order out of the chaos.
The Jeep definitely needed and deserved some TLC.
My room had boxes and aisles.
The yard was in a similar state.

I had such great plans about the things that were going to happen......

Need I say the rest?

It ended up being two days of, "Everything was a project instead of a task."
Amazingly though some things did get done:
Two of the four corners on the Jeep now have fresh brakes.
Most of the hayfield is now back to being a lawn, despite the fact that the first mower quit and the replacement was furnished without oil in the sump.
The "brand new" spare clutch master cylinder that came with the Jeep turned out to have been very used. It's now been disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt with fresh innards. Unfortunately it has not been installed yet and that's now become a serious priority.
There's at least double the floor space showing in my room. Some things were discarded, others went elsewhere, and I think I even learned how to stack containers a bit neater as well.

I was even semi kind to my body. There were no new bumps or bruises and the old ones are healing. My back and legs did pick up more "color" in the sunlight then was prudent, but they aren't too bad and I'll survive.

On balance - I'm not where I wanted to be, but I've moved substantially in the right direction.
I guess that makes it all OK.

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