Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Life's Small Lessons.....,

My family has owned this home continually since 1949.
It's a tract cape cod home, we watched it being built.
We are the only ones that have ever lived in it.

Over the years a series of bushes were planted on the borders, partially to hide the wire fencing between the yards, but mostly because Forsythia and Lilac and Rose of Sharon are just plain pretty to look at. [The root stock for one of the Lilac's originally grew outside my great grandmother's farm kitchen door.] Gradually other things were planted as well, a series of flower gardens running parallel. There are several things there, but mostly it's Iris. In the middle there's lawn of course.

It was very pretty at one time, but dad is gone and mom is both getting on and is medically limited on direct exposure to the sun. Things have gotten rather overgrown, and to make matters worse the mower was beyond repair and there was a three week growth that needed to be addressed with the replacement.

This evening after work, I tackled the parts of the back that had not been finished over the weekend.
I made a rather interesting discovery.
The edge, between grass and garden was rather difficult to define.
It all blended together.
That is, it did until one attempted to cut it, and then it became VERY apparent that at some time in the past it had been delineated with R-E-D B-R-I-C-K-S .....


By the end of the evening the score was: weeds 0, grass 0, mower 2, and bricks about 10.
I don't think I managed to bend a crankshaft.
I do know that what had been a good blade will have to be replaced.

....... and, now that I can see them, there's a border of bricks that absolutely WILL be modified.

Life is good.....
....and the beer is both wet and cold.
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