Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Rambling Man.....,

I work an off peak shift - 10:00AM to 6:00PM.
We had bodies out today and I was covering more then my own, so it was after 7:30 when I finally made it out the door.
It was still daylight, the temp was maybe 80.
I cranked the Jeep, rolled the windows, slid in a CD, and headed due west on the highway.
The traffic was medium, lots of vehicles, but moving nicely.

The sky was hazy - not quite blue, and not quite gray.
A great big wonderful pink red blob of a sun was straight ahead, hanging, just above the horizon, burning it's way through, but not bright enough to be a problem.

.... and, just as I was appreciating the beauty of it all, a different kind of raw beauty came from the speakers as I reached track seven on the CD and Janis opened up with "Summertime." What a nice way to begin an evening.

That CD was there because of a conversation a day or so ago. There'd been a countdown show on TV of the ten best ever songs from movies. I was a bit surprised that "Summertime" was not among them, but then realized of course that it had originated as theater so it didn't qualify. The only copy that's in my current collection was Joplin and I had to hear it again.

I read the liner notes to the CD. Three of the songs were recorded live by Owsley. I knew he'd done TV news production and it made great sense to find his name here. His tiny barrels, with the owl imprint, were considereded the best product available at the time. Amazing that the son? grandson ? of a state governor / US senator would end up being the chemist to the hippie generation. I wonder what happened to him.

I wonder if LJ will let me actually finally post this.

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