Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

It Seemed Like a Good Idea to Me.....,

I got a "funny" stare from one of the female members of my household about an hour ago.
She had awakened about 5:30 and wandered into "her" kitchen to figure out why the light was on and what that funny smell was.
I was standing at the counter cleaning about two pounds of fresh shrimp that been purchased off the boat and gifted to me.

I hadn't had time to clean them during the work week.
Besides, it's my kitchen too, I helped to design and build it.
.... and yes, I did clean up after myself, washed everything, and put the scales/shells in a sealed bag so the trash would still be tolerable.

Maybe I should have started my coffee first...

I'm open to receipe suggestions if anyone has a favorite way for cooking them.

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