Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

It Was a Very Busy Weekend.....,

Virginia and back....
In two days....
I had to ferry Matt so that he could be picked up by his aunt and uncle very early Sunday morning and continue on to a family reunion in Michigan.

We left NJ on Saturday morning in the Jeep and were doing our typical 'aggressive" kind of a run. As we were coming down a slight grade about thirty mikes east of Harrisburg I momentarily backed off the gas and heard a new high pitched noise. It dissapeared as soon as I got back on it, reappeared as soon as I backed off again......


I worked my way from the left lane to the right and found the shoulder.
We juddered to a stop.
I got out, did the walk around, lifted the hood, checked the fluids, OK, closed the hood, restared, Ok, put it in gear, moved forward three feet and it jammed to a stop......
Ouch !!!!!
Cell phone, AAA, flatbed needed, disconnected the driveshaft from the rear while waiting. The winch dragged it onto the bed, the front wheels turning and the rears locked up and sliding. At least it was the differential and not the transmission, that's at least a $1,500 difference. The ride back proved to be 150 miles. AAA bought the first 100 and my wallet the rest, cash please, at $2.50/mile plus toll money for the bridge back.

Ouch !!!!!

I phoned to say that we were on the way. Mom said that "Sheharazade" was probably available. [That's the family spare, 1985 Plymouth Grand Fury with 30.000 original miles on it that my sisters bought last fall for $500. It's white with a red interior and the roof liner needs to be reglued. The droop reminded them of an Arabian Night tent, hence the name. It's left here for when they are in town; it's cheaper then doing a rental. It lives at my brother's home.]
I called Paul,
"Is it?"
"Yes, as soon as I put the dash back in, I'm doing the radio....."
"How long?"
"Thirty minutes."
"I'm forty away, meet me....."

[I love cell phone technology....]

We got back and offloaded into the drive.
Mom said, "You should eat."
We nuked and gulped food.
Paul made it. He said to ignore the rattles, the dash was in with only half it's screws.
"OK," and we switched luggage, dropped Paul off, filled the tank, and we were rolling again by 6:45.

Somewhere in the mountains in Pennsylvania it began pouring.
Again !
The wiper blades hadn't been renewed.....
We got off the interstate, found a station, "No we don't sell those here," and a customer pointed us to a Super Wally World about a mile away.
We parked, I grabbed a bad one, went inside and matched it to a pair of new ones, paid, installed, [got soaked], and we were on our way again.
It was 2:00 AM when we arrived.

Matt's ride was due at 4:00.
I collapsed on the couch and semi-zeeded.
The dogs woke me when they arrived at 6:30
[They brought two kittens for "D" to watch while they are away - that's a great combination with four large canines in residence.]
I zonked again after they left and things settled, "D" let me sleep till 1:00.

The rest was more pleasant. Some errands, a photo shoot run in the mountains and down in the valley, some small chores, a computer virus clean up.
I left at 10:00 PM
The drive north was long and lonely. I pulled over a couple of times.
Truck stop coffee at 3:00 AM is lethal.
It was 5:20 when I got in.

Two hours of sleep and then a full day of work.
The final tally was 1,060 miles in 47 hours.

.... and now I get to chase parts to repair the Jeep.

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