Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Work Week - Not.....,

This past week was pretty heavy...
We've lost a body to a resignation, we're down a couple of bodies to medical leave, and a few more were on vacations.
The computers were finding new and creative ways to not process data in the expected fashion.
All the days were long and Wednesday through Friday were twelve hours apiece.

When I logged out last night, I was both hungry and ready to relax.
My route goes past Meadowlands Stadium and the Jets were playing the Giants.
Some how Houlihans down in my lobby made a whole lot of sense - a Yeungling and a burger, and by that time the football crowd would have cleared.

Ours is one of the largest in the chain, several hundred mostly twenty somethings, but also a mixed crowd - out on a Friday night.
I opted for the bar, it serves the full menu anyway.
I ordered.
I surveyed the scene.
It's common for two or three females to come in together and just as common for several males as well.
They don't always leave in the same arrangement.
[The players change, but the game remains the same......]
Last night I just wanted to eat, watch the game, and enjoy the view.

The stool next to me filled, and I was approached.
"From the Bronx,""But just back from Amsterdam.....,"
About 75 lbs too heavy, and smoking besides.
Ordered a Remy, then disclosed that "Been alive for 120 generations," "Can dissapear and re-appear at will,""Had been in a war with devils for 300 years," and "Was one of six gods that had created the whole universe......"
His name was Pasquale, about 31, and had a pony tail half way down his back.

I looked at the waitress/bartender.
She silently mouthed, "Friday nights......."
We both smiled.
I motioned for a refill and finished my meal.
Paid and tipped.
....and then I was outta there.

I did not bother to say "Good Night."
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