Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

A Brief Arggghhhhh Note.....,

About a week ago I downloaded an upgrade to MSN.
Normally I use it as a spam catcher/backup e-mail address.

It did a few things that I didn't like:
I now have an extra toolbar on my IE6 browser.
I have a pop-up blocker that I really didn't want - I use other means.
I have a pop-up blocker that allows pop-ups through. When you delve into the settings you find that there is an exception list. One is Yahoo and all of the other items are MSN based. - SURPRISE !

But, worst of all:
Normally I use Outlook as my e-mail client, directly to my personal private domain.
My incoming mail is fine.
But, all of a sudden my outgoing mail gets stuck in the outbox and can't be delivered. Now, I realize there could be many causes, but since the problem started immediately after the download was installed and I haven't changed any settings, it's pretty easy to come to a conspiracy conclusion.

.... and I'm not one bit happy about it !

Edit: This is the MSN upgrade, not the XP-SP2. That one has it's own set of headaches. If you are considering it, go read their white papers first. The service pack sets up a firewall and blocks all incoming files of any type unless it was specifically expecting them.
Sometimes it plays Simon Says - -
"May I?
"Yes you may."
But sometimes it doesn't ask and just shuts the door.

Gotcha !

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