Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

The good news and the bad news.....,

About a week ago I opened the air cleaner on the Jeep and found it very oil soaked. There's a breather there, but it's supposed to let filtered air into the crankcase, not serve as an outlet for fumes. I looked underneath and there was evidence of a leak as well, possibly from the front main seal. All of this is an indicator that the crankcase is being pressurized, and that typically means either the rings or the valve guides. Considering the age [16] and mileage [140k] that really means a full rebuild. If it weren't a Jeep with a very sturdy body, I wouldn't even consider it.

I talked to the man.
He said $2,800.
[I said ouch.]
I didn't commit that day, I needed alternate wheels first.

Today I found the time to do a compression check. All six cylinders were exactly where they should be. Toward the high end of the expected range and all within 10 lbs of each other. [The manual allows for 30.] The plugs were the right color, there was no evidence of burnt oil, and the indicated pressure on the guage is right on as well..

That means that I don't need a full swap.
It also means that I have to go back to the manual and try to figure out what I do need.
I have already replaced the PCV valve and it's lines, so that shouldn't be it either.

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