Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Male Hearing.....,

The human ear and the human brain are a marvelous pair of devices.
But, males, as has long been suspected, have a special ability in how they process sound.

To illustrate a case in point:
This afternoon I was sitting working at my desk, entirely focused on the task at hand.
Across the aisle in the opposite cube, two single twenty something female coworkers were having a conversation as they worked on a project. I've absolutely no idea what they were talking about until my ears caught, "And she was wearing no underwear...."
I didn't move or turn, but suddenly I was paying full attention. This phenomena lasted for at least ten seconds - until I also heard the phrase, "...or even a diaper." and realized they were discussing potty training a niece.

About fifteen minutes later, I had a chance conversation with a male co-worker on the other side of the cube wall. He also had heard the same words, and had had exactly the same reaction.

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