Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.....,

I woke up early and ambitious...
It's the first day of trout fishing yard raking season....
[I was going to be a good do-be and do chores today - but go find some hungry trout tomorrow morning....]
I went to the cabinet and reached for the ??? empty space where the can of coffee was supposed to be.....
I went to the pantry and there was no spare......
The cabinet had at least ten different kinds of tea, but no coffee.....
Hmmmm, have to have a discussion with the kitchen management part of this household.....
[You know how far I'll get with that, they are tea drinkers.]
I know how to remedy the situation,
I'll go buy it myself.
I like it dark.
Everyone else prefers it somewhat lighter.
I'll fix 'em.

As soon as I wake up enough from thie caffeine in this %@^%#^ cup of tea so that I can see to go drive.

Later people....
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