Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Things that make you say.......

Well, let's put it this way.

The machine was getting pretty slow. I checked and the main hard drive was pretty full, so I started moving and deleting. I came across a long forgotten pinball game and of course couldn't just delete it so sort of had to try it. [Just to be sure that it still worked of course.]

It did.
In fact it worked so well that our three month old white kitten came up on the desk and started to watch the ball bouncing around and then of course she started to do what kittens will do and I found the my flippers were in competition with a set of paws. Not only that, but when the ball would fall through to the bottom, she would look under the monitor to see if she could find it.

Now frankly of course, I'm not sure which is more ridiculous - the kitten, or me for trying to play while the kitten was. [For those of you that have never lived with one, it does no good at all to remove a feline - they come back again and again.]

Finally of course reality set in and I began to type instead. She'd quite comfortable, curled on top of a warm monitor, and now I can see the screen.....
.....Or at least most of it except for that paw that's nicely draped over the middle.

You get the picture.

....and, b/t/w, hello world.
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