Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Check in / Check up time.....

I had a morning dentist appointment today....
Hadn't seen him for about a year...
Spent about fifteen minutes just playing social catch up - we both like to talk.
He took a look, some X-rays, cleaned a bit of plaque, the usual stuff.
A couple of minor spots, but he didn't say those magic words, "root canal" or "crown" or "pereodontist."
[He satisfied with his PT Cruiser, and isn't looking for a Mercedes. In fact he won't even take dollars until after the insurance check comes in and then he bills for the difference if needed.]
There really are some providers that it's nice to deal with.


The only problem with all of this is that when I got to work the lot was very full and that meant a five minute walk just to reach the building. That was OK, Blue sky, sixties, sunshine, puffy whites up there.
All was fine until I left in the evening.
Just as the sky opened up.
That five minute walk became about a three minute jog, but I was wet.
I got in, drove off, and within two miles the road was dry.

But...., That's the rule, isn't it?

Someday I have to have a bit of a conversation with the guy that wrote that rule !

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