August 28th, 2001


I may be starting a pattern here

This is actually a second post in less then a week.

I stopped being LJ addicted long enough to go back outside and finish working on the "Z". I'm still not satisfied, but the front end is quieter and it's at least drivable again. The test loop was fun, I caught a large doe and her half grown fawn in the headlights. The woods and the lawns are full of deer right now. That's the third time in less then a week that I've spotted some. They tend not to live in bad neighborhoods, they're welcome in mine.

Mixed thoughts department - Michael passed his driving test and got his license. We've gained a driver, probably won't see one or another of the cars for a while, but I'm sure we'll see the revised premium on the insurance.
So far, he's cautious, fairly confident, slightly careless, and not reckless. May it always be so.

To explain who I am and why I'm here. Among other things, I've a lifelong interest in creating photographic art. There's a fair collection now archived on CD's, and I'm still shooting film, often. I like much of what digital can do, but value the data density of grain vs pixels. I will probably switch soon, on a guess, the next generation of equipment should do it.

I'm fairly computer savy, my machine can handle graphics, and I own both Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm beyond beginner status, but still have much to learn before I'll be satisfied that I've a full command. I am very new to HTML, mostly maybe two chapters into the books. When I get that part down, then I'll build my site and I'll share with the world.

It only takes the most precious commodity in the world to get it done - time. I'n the mean time, if anybody is curious, e-mail me.

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Love and Knowledge

The Fransciscans believe that to know you must first love.
The Jesuits believe that to love you must first know.

By nature, I would be a Fransciscan; tonight however, I am a Jesuit.

You know why....
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