August 29th, 2001


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I shot a roll on Sunday and dropped it off Monday
With a CD, it should have been back today.

It wasn't. The clerk wasn't willing to look very hard.
She said, "I can't even check, their systems are down."
"Try tomorrow."

There was one in particular that I wanted to see.
..... and possibly post.

I don't want to wait.........

I may go digital sooner then I now expect to.
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I know him only in Death. In life I would have passed him by.

As I left for home last night from the place where I work, I noticed a strange structure at the far end of the lot, near where I often park. When I drew close, I could see that it was a crude, makeshift shrine, to the memory of someone that had died on the spot.

Four trash barrels marked the corners, found posts had been implanted, a blue plastic tarp overall. Beneath, a box, with votive candles inside and pasted to it's side a picture of the young man, enlarged on a copying machine. There was a masking tape to the macadam message, "R.I.P., L. . . . ., AKA Big Fun." two poster card good bye signs, several crosses, a flag, seventeen bouquets of flowers, and twenty three votive light candles.

.... and a steady stream of mourners.

I questioned a sad young man in a red shirt, that had come on a bicycle.

"What happened?"

"My cousin, on Saturday night."
"There was alcohol."
"He fell from his car and cracked his head."
"And died."

"I'm sorry."

"That's alright."

I left him in his grief, and went on about my way.

Life is always too short. It is also fragile and can end in an instant.
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