September 1st, 2001


As Charley Brown would say - AARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH ! ! !

The ATM just ate my card.
It isn't even that it didn't like me. It just took it in
and then said that it was out of order without asking
for a PIN. After 5 minutes it went back to its welcome
screen, but still didn't give me back the card.

And all the poor flack catcher on the other end of
the phone could do was cancel the card and tell me
that a new one would arrive in about seven days,

On the first day of a three day weekend ! ! !

My wallet feels naked ..........
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On the subject of Flirtation....

A full topic rather then a simple answer

Flirtation can be one of the most pleasurable activities that any two
individuals may ever engage in. It can be a prelude to something
much more, but it can just as easily be a whole unto itself.

Of it's nature, it must be pure, although hardly innocent. Both parties
knowing exactly what is happening removes any taint of guilt from the
use of guile. There are boundaries, never spoken, but always there. It has always been a part of human nature to test and explore and enjoy.

Most of us engage in it all of our lives. I've seen it in pre-school,
I've seen it in seniors. My father was a master of the game and played
it till the end of his days. He knew the boundaries. He never came
close to crossing them. Half the women that he engaged were my mother's friends. She trusted him. She was glad to see them smile.
After all, he had flirted with her first, ...and last.

I learned the art from a master; and I miss him.