September 6th, 2001


September Nights

The days are not as warm,
The nights of course are cool.
Too early still to set the heat,
Or even close a window,
But, the times approaching.

It's two AM.
A dog decides the need is there,
And nuzzles till I'm half-awake.
And vertical.

The task is easy.
The yard is fenced.
Soon enough she's back inside.
And I head back to bed.

My hands and feet now cold.
I'm careful as I lay back down.
I do not wish to waken "D".
But, as I snuggle, spoon like next to her.
And feel her heat. I idly wonder,
What next June's baby crop will be like.
And gently drift off back to sleep.
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Faith vs Reason

We must run our lives with bits of both we're told.
Either, without the other, leaves us too extreme.

There are three possible ways to come to work.
Although of course there's one preferred.

We listen each morning to traffic reports on three different stations.
Pushing buttons, as we make our way.

My "Z" and I,
Warriors together for ten years and too many miles.
We work well, we know the tricks,
Where to change lanes, and when to forge ahead.

There's a problem coming up, an accident at Berry's Bridge.
They all agree.
But westbound, not east.
And the one that I trust the most says the rubbernecking isn't too bad.
So we do not turn away.

We crest a rise, and there before us.
A solid wall.
Three lanes wide by three miles long,

.and we know that he'd been wrong.

And worse, that in good time, my boss would know as well.
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One final thought

A bumper sticker today......

On the back of a brand new, deep blue, BMW 740i

"Well behaved women, rarely make history"

I thought to myself......

"True" "Or men either for that matter..........."
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