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Saturday, September 8th, 2001
2:27a - Temptations
Friday night, eight PM,
The work week's over.
It is time to play.

As the offices empty,
The bar fills up.
Like the sand in an hourglass,
Moving from place to place,
The quantity staying unchanged.

The lot is quite full, as people arrive and head in;
The couples,
The girls in jeans that say "I will,"
And of course the boys as well.

The plays the same, the actors change.
My time upon this stage was long ago.

I do not break my pace!
I walk on past, and head toward home.
But, somehow not quite at ease,
I question my choice as I enter the car,
Finally deciding I'm right.


The first song that I hear on the radio while driving is REM
- Losing My Religion -

current mood: At peace

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