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Just Dave.....

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Sunday, December 30th, 2001
4:58a - Bleeeeeehhhhhh
4:30 in the morning -
Louise woke me up because she wanted to go out.
My legs felt cramped anyway, I looked and Thelma was on the bed crossways where my feet belonged.
Raven went with her....
Within thirty seconds she was barking to come back in.
It's cold out there.
I was not pleased.
I'm still tired.
My head feels like there is a cold coming soon.

... but first, there was a cup of ice cream in the freezer that wanted to be eaten.
Strawberry or black raspberry - decisions, decisions.

... and , as always, e-mail and LJ had to be checked.

I'm going back to sleep ! ! !
[....see you all in a couple of hours.]

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5:03a - In passing -
New Years Eve and Day:

TNT - Twilight Zone marathon
HBO - Twelve episodes of Sex / City - back to back.
[Probably front to front also.]

Glad we have more then one TV.

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5:13a - Hook
A bit of yellow goes a long way.....
More then a bit goes even further -

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