April 13th, 2003


Pond Update.....,

Brief Update.....
Now that it's gotten a bit warmer, I've had a better opportunity to check on the pond.
Not only did the fish survive three months of continuous ice cover but they seem to have thrived as well. There are at least five dozen out there right now, lazily swimming near the surface, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. Last year there were one or two big ones - 8 inch/18 cm - now there are over a dozen. More importantly, there's also a good selection of several smaller sizes down to about 1 1/2 inch / 6 cm which means that they are successfully breeding on their own and surviving. That was the whole intent, to create a near natural environment that would blend and look as if it belonged.

Unfortunately, to maintain that, I do have to pump and filter the water. Most of that is hidden under the surface and not visible - that's the good part. The not so good part is that the pump has to be place back into the pond and that means wading into water that's not yet more then 48 F / 10 C - brrrrrrrrrrrrr............
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Warm weather downside.....,

It's been shirtsleeves all day long and the doors were open for a good bit of the day.
Very pleasant.
Someone went to turn down the blankets on the bed and gave voice to the fact that there was a cricket on the sheets and would someone else please come and remove the creature forthwith.....
I didn't ask or try to figure out how.
One cricket, still quite alive, is now safely residing in the grass outside where he belongs.
It's funny how that division of labor thing works out.