October 31st, 2004


Someone Had to Rain on My Parade.....,

The home that I share has always had a problem with a damp basement. It's not bad, just a bit of seepage, but enough to be annoying and to encourage mildew. Over the years several attempts had been made to correct it, but we've never had a total solution. This year I was determined to cure it once and for all. Over the last several months I've been systematically going around the entire outside, sealing cracks, fixing downspouts, and instaling drainage pipe on both sides to carry the runoff well away from the foundation.

I completed the job today.

.... and went downstairs to put tools away and encountered a fresh pool of water right in the middle of the floor !
I looked at it, said the appropriate words, and then noticed that a cardboard box on a shelf six feet up was damp.
Flashlight time in the rafters.
It was right underneath the bathtub.
But the drain pipes were all dry.
I enlisted my sister [here for a visit.]
She went up and filled the tub, then opened the drain.
That part was OK, but as soon as she opened the tap there was water dripping.

It's the &$^&%%&^%* faucet, up in the wall !

Looks like I know what my next project will be.