February 5th, 2005


It's Warm Today.....,

Or, at least it is warmer then it was. Perhaps 45F/10C, with blue sky and sunshine. I was out on an errand at midday and had the windows open in the Jeep just to circulate the air. You know that it won't last, but you also know that it's a taste of the renewal to come. Snow and salt will go away [mud will happen ] and buds and green will re-appear. In any case, it helped my mood.

There was another element as well. Yesterday I had grabbed several C/Ds from my shelf to play at work. Among them was one by Al Kooper. After playing it through I remember just how much he's been involved with over the years and recalled a seminal LP that I've long since worn ot on vinyl. So, while I was out I searched, and in the second store found a C/D version of the 1968 classic "SuperSession" with Mike Bloomfield and Steven Stills. It plays through exactly as I remembered it - Psychedelic Blues Rock. You listen to it and realize how much of what came after had it's formation here. It's just a good solid laid back and hear it kind of piece. They recorded it in two nights, much of it after midnight, and that just might be the exactly right time to play it. Very mellow stuff.