July 26th, 2006


An Open Letter.....,

Dear kay,

Yes, you are absolutely correct. My poor LJ has been seriously neglected as of late and I do need to make a post. This one will have to do for now, but I wlll try to make a real one very soon.

I promise.



On Monday Afternoon.....,

A small whirlwind came through, and, in a three hour time span:

I regained a daughter at the airport on a flight from Alaska.
The freezer gained 10 kilos of flash frozen Sockeye salmon filets that she had caught.
I lost the pickup truck that I had been minding for her while she was away.
And lost her again as she continued down a highway along life's great adventure.

Godspeed "A",
Be safe,
Have fun,
....and maybe post a bit of it in your own LJ.