Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Took a Vacation Day Today.....,

I have a bunch to still use up before the end of the year and the chore list is never ending, so it made some sense.
I did a couple of little things - I think I found a total of four burned out bulbs and replaced them.
The painters had finished a room so I put back some brass hardware.

Then I tackled something that was supposed to be simple. The door bell wasn't working, I spent about an hour plus on the silly thing before I finally came to the conclusion that it was fried. I'm not sure how a lightning strike/ line surge can take out the unit without taking out the transformer - but it did.

Finally I addressed the major one for the day. A friend has her home for sale and there's a cold dry hot tub. The heater element had burned out and we'd had to order a new one.
[I've been working on this on and off for about two months.]
Twice I've installed the thing, filled the tub, and watched it leak from a bad seal. Finally I bit the bullet, went back to the dealer, ordered a new part, overpaid for it, and waited two weeks for it to come in on a back order. I had to fabricate the related gasket that didn't come in, reassembeled it, installed it, and filled it.
But finally it didn't leak.

However, in the mean time, a substantial new leak had developed from somewhere over on the other side....

It was 11:00 PM
I was tired,
I was beyond frustrated.
I cut the electricity, packed my tools, said goodbye, and went home.

Some days are just like that.

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