July 4th, 2011


Two Lane Blacktop ...,

Double nickel limit - but no one really pays attention.
No lines down the middle, and we all ride the crown.
You slow for the pickup coming at you - or the horse and carriage in front - this is Amish territory.
It was opening night - Carmen - with a gala afterward.
I'm driving "C"s Mercedes SL and the top is down on an almost perfect night.
A few raindrops, but there was a covered place to pull over and the top was up in about two minutes.
.... and, we got to sleep in in the morning.
That was Saturday.

Today it was a quick stop at the store, and then a string band concert in an authentic pre-revolutionary barn.
That's followed by a potluck supper at tables with plastic covers sitting in the shade - deviled eggs and baked beans and pasta salad and fried chicken....
Americana 2011 - totally genuine, and without pretense.

Sometimes life reads the script and gets it right.
It's life as it should be and we're smiling.