August 19th, 2012

Trailer, Sun

Sometimes, Things Don't Quite Work the Way You Planned Them...,

I've been working on mom's house.
It's in northern NJ, within twenty miles of the Lincoln Tunnel.
We've been adopted by a family of raccoons.
We didn't particularly want to be adopted by a family of raccoons and decided that a "relocation" was appropriate.
I set a live capture trap this evening - baited with a small scrap of steak.
Within three hours I had my first capture.
Except, he wasn't brown, and wearing a mask.
But he was black and white striped, and didn't say thank you for his steak dinner.

I managed to prop the door open - very carefully.
He's free to go, but hasn't yet.
...and I am remaining inside - with the windows closed - until he does.