May 26th, 2013

Trailer, Sun

This Is a Token Entry ...,

To my poor, very neglected blog.

I'm still alive, working, chasing blonds whose names begin with a "C", drinking an occasional beer, and generally having fun.
There are still multiple sports cars in my life and occasionally I even manage to get one or another of them running.
At the moment I'm living singly and that may continue for a while.
Eventually I hope to even figure out how to get the proportions right when cooking for one.
There's still art in my life and some of it will eventually be posted here.
I may be the last in the country to not own a smart phone.
I do not have a Facebook account.
I see no reason at all for me to tweet and I'm quite busy enough that I don't pay attention to twits.

In short, "I am."