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Sunday, May 10th, 2015
10:37p - The First Cut is the Hardest - Mowing Continued...,
The first mowing is basically done - but it was on and off effort over three days to get there.
The bank that owned the place ahead of me had hired a guy to come in every other week last year on a riding mower, but he didn't do the edges and of course it was never raked.
I deliberately did not put a new blade on for the first mowing and I certainly DID find most of the sticks and stones.
It was so bad that for the final third I had to just discharge it from the side instead of bagging it.
If it doesn't rain tomorrow I'll be out there with a rake - but at least now I can see what I'm dealing with.

There's still an area in the back that I have to deal with, but it hasn't been cut in several years and is now under fallen branches from a tree.
I'll have to tackle it with a bow saw before I'll be able to get a mower underneath.

... and than of course there's also the matter of the wild roses and raspberry bushes.

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