Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

David Gadgets.....,

We all have them....

Those kitchen gadgets that caught our eye in the store. We bring them home and they live in the back of the under the counter cabinet, or maybe that hard to reach one over the refrigerator, for the next ten years. Generally they see the light of day about once every year and a half. My family has told me that I'm infamous for having accumulated them.

I've gotten a bit better, but the other day I added to the collection.
I was strolling down an aisle in Home Depot, and, just across from the light bulbs, they were clearing out some end of the season grilling accessories. There on the end cap was one that I simply had to buy.

I am now the proud owner of a genuine ChickCAN roasting rack.

Essentially it's a simple device with no moving parts. It's made from metal rods of the same thickness that you might find in an oven rack. Two rings are suspended one above the other and held in position by three rods that make a right angle bend at the base and form the feet.

The idea is that you place this in a tray. Then you open and half empty a can of beer. [They didn't say what to do with the part that you pour out, but it would be an absolute shame to waste a half a can of beer.] You put the can with the remaining beer inside the rings and place a 3 1/2 to 4 lb whole roaster chicken over it, standing on end with the can inside. Plase a small onion in the neck to seal in the vapors. Season the outside to personal preference, and place the tray with rack and beer and chicken inside a 350F oven. Roast for one to two hours until the skin is dark and slightly crispy.

Now I ask you, what guy could ask for anything better?
Beer steamed roast chicken. And it didn't even cost that much, only $2.98.
Sometimes Home Depot does have useful kitchen stuff.
Eat your heart out Williams Sonoma !

..... and, what's the one in the back of your cabinet?

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