Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

For What It's Worth.....,

I watched "An Inconvenient Truth" within the past week.
I would classify it as more propaganda then documentry.
It is highly biased and some of it's "facts" were obviously cherry picked for effect.
I found it somewhat distressing that while it outlined the problem, it did little in the way of making realistic suggestions on how to solve it.

Wind and solar are marginal technologies and not suitable for many locations. We've already tapped into most of the viable hydro locations, and hybred autos slow the rate but don't change the vector. Pure electric autos change the place of consumption but don't necessarily change the fact that hydrocarbons are consumed. If given widespread use, they would also would place a strain on an already stretched generating and distribution capacity.

Yes certainly we can and should all become more 'green' and use what we have more efficiently. That would delay the day of reckoning, but it will not change the fact of it. The simple truth is that the only technology available today that would have a meaningful impact on the production of CO2 and other 'greenhouse' gasses is atomic power. Somehow, the film did not seem to want to go there.

But, yes, it was interesting.
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