Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

It Is Amazing.....

How errands can turn into tasks and how tasks can turn into projects.
A family friend is about to move.
A while ago mom lent him an unneeded bed and frame.
Mom to me, " Would you please go get the frame and bring it to me? He will discard the mattress but doesn't want to take the frame."
It turns out this thing is a full blown hospital bed. [No one is ill here, but it's too valuable to just throw away.]
This thing is steel and heavy.
This thing requires borrowing the utility trailer from my brother.
This thing requires drafting another set of hands. [The friend is recovering from a broken arm.]
I'm still not sure where mom wants to put it when it gets to her place.
I am sure that by the time I'm done I will be ready for a beer.

It could have been worse.
It could have been a convertible sofa.

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