Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

I Watched The State of The Union .....,

I won't comment on any part of it except the energy section.
If you can, for just a minute, forget that the speech maker was George Bush.
Forget that he is a Republican.
Forget that he has friends in big business and big oil.

Instead, simply realize that we had a President of the United States saying that we had to use less oil and that his suggestion for doing it was by substituting bio-fuels and mandated fuel economy.
Think about that for a minute.
And then think about the fact that almost none of the vested interests liked what he had to say.
The 'liberal' trade unions and their midwest representatives didn't like the idea that if you forced something on the car companies, they might lose jobs.
The car companies aren't particularly thrilled.
Big oil didn't like the idea of consuming less of their product.
The greens and environmentalists didn't think that he went far enough....
.... and of course, because he is George Bush, that automatically meant he was proposing to do it in the wrong way.

So, basically, no one was satisfied with what he had to say.
Except possibly myself, and that was because he said it.
The reality is that yes, "Something has to be done."
He doesn't make the law, Congress does. He administrates what they create.
And he was very right for suggesting to them that yes, they should do their job instead of just bemoaning the problem.

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