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Just a plesant day

Maybe not so "just a." They can be rare. Got in the car with my family - hit traffic - what else in NJ - broke loose - found an antique show - just wandered - all kinds of neat stuff. We bought a medium sized copper kettle and a typesetters tray to hang on the wall and use as a shadowbox for vacation "chatchkas." [I suspect I'm not spelling that one right - I suspect that spell-check won't know either.]
Then we went on to the Sussex County Farm and Horse show - it is now the official NJ State Fair. For any reader that doesn't really know NJ, this is as much or more of a fair as any in the country, and probably bigger then many. - Food, rides, crafts, 4H, petting zoos, farm implements, vendors of all kinds, and ANIMALS. Oh yes, and people, lots of them, mostly families, almost all having a good time - Americana.
Nobody trying to prove anything, just everybody enjoying a traditional summer's afternoon and evening. Would that there were more such.

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