Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Regarding Yesterday's Post......,

The first one is the favorite, by a margin of six to three.
The first had slightly more exposure that the second - by 1/2 f stop if you are camera oriented.

There was another technical difference however. As you open a lens you allow in more light, but you also decrease the depth of field - the area that is in sharp focus. When shooting as close as these, that can be as shallow a range as only an inch. [That's the technique used to make the background soft and fuzzy.] The first was shot at f5.6 for 1/100 second. The second had the lens partially closed - it was at f9 for 1/50 second. Because the lens was partially closed, the depth of field went to about six inches. That's why the veining was sharper.

Both are valid techniques. Ultimately the preference comes down to personal taste. The color is closer to the original in number 1 but I personally happen to like the slightly added sharpness of 2.

Thank You all for your opinions.
No new images tonight. I'm tired, and by the time you read this I'll be in bed.

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