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I work on the banks of the Hudson with ferry service just outside our door. The other night I went into NYC and noticed a poster in the terminal. They are offering four hour fall foliage excursions up the river on the next several weekends. For those unfamiliar, the river with the palisades is actually a beautiful place. Curious, I picked up a brochure.

"You are invited to experience the beauty and splendor of Fall Foliage....."
"Breathtaking scenery, trees ablaze with color....."
"A licensed tour guide will point out the many historic sights on the way up....."
"On the return trip you can relax to the sounds of soothing music....."
"Bar and food service available on board and box lunches by prior arrangement....."

....., and finally:
"Modern flat screen TVs on the ship's lower level will tune into college football on Saturdays, while NFL games will be shown on Sundays....."
It makes sense to me.

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